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Gps Motorhomes 5 "inches 13cm - Map of Western Europe.


Database of points of interest very complete;
     (restaurants, parking lots, garages, road centers, government offices, police and gendarmerie, hotels, places of interest, gas stations, bus stations, etc ...) with the possibility of customization by adding a list of points of interest.
     Template to guide the vehicle
     - Setting templates (height, width, weight, max speed, trailer, etc ...)
     - Possibility to set different models.
     The route calculation takes into account the programmed templates and allows you to avoid obstacles (narrow bridge load limits, etc ...).
     Calculation of travel time. (distances, arrival times ...)
     Screen back. (connection for rear camera ...)
     Time Management driver's driving (respect pauses and conduct).
     Mapping Western Europe (28 countries with possible extension) standard weight heavy integrating road widths, heights of bridges, special permits, etc. ...
     Calculating routes stages registration favorites unlimited storage paths, ...
     Information about the countries visited (speed limits, emergency numbers, legal equipment, etc ...)
     Multilingual system.
     Display speed limit, actual speed, service areas, radar (in authorized countries), 3D rendering, ...
     Using multi-mode (Bus, Auto, Taxi, ...).
     We also offer a GPS Bluetooth (hands-free) system, a rearview camera input, a micro SD (media playback) media and a FM transmitter.

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